Intermediate Level Co-Ed – Grades 4 thru 6

Confidence is the most important to growing a child’s abilities on the court. Learning to trust themselves and making mistakes is all about growth. Your child will learn that it is ok to stumble if you have GRIT to continue.

We will help build GRIT and confidence by developing footwork skills, ball handling, and proper shooting technique which are essential to building the basketball foundation for your child.

Advanced Level Co-Ed – Grades 7 thru 8

The game is faster, more intense and your child will need to be prepared for new challenges. As competition gets more serious, more mental preparation is needed. Understanding the game at this level is essential. Coaches are going to look more into strategies by organizing a set offense and structured defense to expose weaknesses. Once a child has built sound abilities then the transition to intense competition will be easier. Court awareness, quicker-decision making, and team strategies will be the main for this age group.

Developing these abilities will help prepare those ready to get to the next level.

Advanced Level Co-Ed – High school

As player’s progress more advanced strategies will be implemented to produce more scoring opportunities. High school athletes are still growing into their bodies and a unique set of skills can be distinguished. We will specialize on these abilities to develop a skill-set to create separation for better percentage shots and more scoring chances. This will help a player not just be better but make their teammates better.

Once a child’s strengths and weaknesses are distinguished we will work on what separates them from the rest.